Cable Knit Mock Turtle Neck

Cable knit mock turtle neck

Shoulder seam

Shoulder seam

I started this project the day after Christmas.  My mother-in-law mentioned how much she would appreciate a hand knitted sweater over Christmas break, so we search the knitting sites and found this pattern on Vogue Knitting (sorry, you have to pay for it).  We headed off to the yarn store and she picked out this purple yarn from Patons Classic Wool.

This is the first really fitted project I’ve ever done.  I usually knit looser fitting cardigans for myself, because if it doesn’t fit, only my feelings are hurt and I rip out and start again.  In order to avoid tragedy, we took detailed measurements of my mother-in-law and gauged THREE times – apparently I knit extremely loosely.

Cable pattern

Cable pattern

Once I figured out the pattern, it was extremely simple.  This pattern really tells you what you need to do next.  I was however, worried about the (extensive) seaming in this project.  Seaming is definitely my least favorite part of knitting.  But, I found this helpful website “book” from StudioKits that helped me get through the seaming and even made me not hate the process.

And, voila!  Here is the finished product.  I mailed it to my mother-in-law without telling her it was done it hopes it would be a surprise.  All told, this project took me almost exactly three weeks from start to finish.

View this project on Ravelry.

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