DIY: Deodorant


Yes, I made my own deodorant.  I had been using deodorant made with “things that aren’t bad for you” and simply wasn’t impressed.  It’s winter, so it’s not that I need a lot of odor protection right now, but when I stumbled upon A Common Thread’s blog post about homemade deodorant, I was intrigued.


The ingredients

I followed the directions posted by A Common Thread and How About Orange with much success.  I tried mixing everything together with a folk, but ultimately had to get my hands involved to make the coconut oil melt and combine with the other ingredients.  This was a liquid-y mess but was effective nonetheless.

1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup arrowroot powder
4 tbls coconut oil
10+ drops of essential oil

Deodorant mixture

The mixture

My only complaint, if it can really be a complaint, is that the deodorant smells like cookies despite a healthy addition of more grapefruit essential oil.  I suppose it’s the combination of coconut oil and backing powder, and in truth, I don’t mind smelling like freshly baked sugar cookies all day.

My contribution to the world of make-your-own deodorant?  Instead of storing your concoction in a tin or other container, create a mold in an old deodorant dispenser (bottom right).  I simply cleaned out my last dispenser and started filling it with the mixture with the spiral all the way extended.  The more I filled, the lower I moved the spiral.  Nearly the entire mixture fit – I only had a few spoonfuls left over, which I put in a container for later use.  I then let the mold sit overnight in the fridge to firm.

Final verdict: I’ll keep using this for now, and may tweak the recipe later on to avoid smelling like cookies, but am pleased with the results.

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