Headband Warmer

Headband warmer

With the recent blizzard and frigid temperatures, I really needed one of those head warmers I keep seeing.  I found a free pattern from T.Matthews Fine Art.   It was a really quick knit and I finished the headband in one afternoon.

Find this headband pattern here, and tips here.

I have to admit I made two mistakes; first, I simply mis-read the pattern and messed up the project, and second I couldn’t get the decreases to lay correctly.  The increases worked perfectly, but the decreases looked terrible.

So I decided to try this project again, after all practice makes perfect.  This time, I used both K2tog and SSK stitches to get the decreases to angle towards the middle to mirror the increases which slant away from the middle.  This worked better, but I still didn’t get the decreases just right.  The project pictured on T.Matthews looks great, so I’m still not sure what the secret is.

If you’re having trouble purling front and back (pfb) for the increases, try watching this YouTube video from Very Pink Knits.  I had never done this technique before, but purling back then front as shown in the video worked great for me.

Not willing to knit this a third time, I found an old crocheted pin (store bought) made from what I think is angora.  The pin fits nicely over the decrease side and adds a little sparkle.

The ultimate plus is this is extremely warm and keeps my head and ears warm in subzero Chicago temperatures.  I am contemplating making another headband using some type of cable design.  Updates to come…

View this project on Ravelry.

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