Star Skirt

Star skirt

Skirt front


I LOVE this new skirt.  It fits great, falls nicely and is keeps me surprisingly warm in this brutal Chicago winter.

This is a free pattern by Kira Dulaney from  After the cable knit mock turtle neck I made in December/January, I was looking for a bit simpler of a project and thought this stockinette project in the round would be a quick and simple knit.

Well, I was right and wrong.  It’s true the mostly stockinette stitch was super simple, but the star pattern was much more difficult than I thought.  The technique is easy enough, but actually doing the technique killed my hands.

The star (and star increase) involves knitting stitches together and then yarning over, keeping the stitches on the left needle and repeating the yo, etc.  The problem was knitting FIVE STITCHES together, yarning over, and repeating the ktog on the same five stitches.  After a few inches of practice, the star process got easier, but it was still hard on my fingers.



Check this YouTube video for a demonstration of the star stitch.  The video is in purl stitch using three stitches at a time, and this pattern is all in knit stitch with three to five stitches used for the star.  But, it provides the general idea.

The other tricky part was knitting the waist band.  It’s a brilliant idea – knit a few rounds, purl one round, knit a few more rounds, and then fold and knit the next round into the first round creating a built-in fold through which to feed elastic.  Knitting into the first round was, again, more difficult than I anticipated, but I love the way this little trick created the waistband without bulky or unsightly seaming.

I used 100% wool yarn for this project, and actually cut about 1/4 of the length from the pattern to accommodate my (ahem) short stature.  It is truly the warmest skirt I’ve ever worn.  I think I’ll buy some crazy patterned/colored tights to wear next time.

View this project on Ravelry.

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