Golf Club Covers

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Golf club covers

Golf club covers

I know, I know – long time, no post.  In my defense, with the move and then the ridiculous heat wave, knitting has been the very last thing I’ve wanted to do.  Sitting in a third-floor apartment with out air conditioning knitting with wool yarn is not my idea of a way to keep cool.

Now that the heat is past, I was inspired to get back to knitting after golfing last weekend.  Ta da, golf club covers!  I did a quick search for patterns, and ended up using this Lion Brand pattern as a guide (it’s for the cable version, but includes the grid for the numbers).  I used a different number of cast-on stitches for the different clubs, different the lengths of the necks and finished the top differently.  Really, I used this pattern mainly for the number guide.

This is a very easy, very quick project.  I finished all three in a weekend, and you could always cut time by making the necks a little shorter or use thicker yarn and larger needles.

Golf club coversPattern for Golf Club Covers
Materials: Knitting needles size 5, worsted weight yarn in color(s) of preference.  Written for Driver #1 (#3 & $5 in parentheses).
With main color CO 42 stitches (36) and work in K1 P1 rib for approx. 6.5” (3.25”)
Switch to accent color and work four rows of rib
Return to main color and work two rows of rib
Repeat four rows of rib with accent color
Work approx. 1” more in rib with main color
RS: Inc 14 (12) stitches evenly
Work in st st for approx. 5” (4.5”) or to fit club
RS: [K3 K2tog] to end
WS: Purl
RS: [K2 K2tog] to end
WS: Purl
RS: [K1 K2tog] to end
WS: Purl
Cut yarn with approx. 12-18” to spare and use a darning needle to thread tail through stitches, pull tight.  This forms to the top crown of the cover
Use Lion Brand pattern to stitch numbers
Seam and sew in ends
Optional: Make pom-pom and attach to top

Notes: These covers can be knit in the round, but I knitted flat because I don’t have double-ended needles of the right size.  I also used a selvage stitch on each side as I find it easier to seam, but it’s not necessary.

Visit this project on Ravelry.

6 thoughts on “Golf Club Covers

  1. Hello,

    I am confused on the number part. Do you go back in after you’ve knitted the entire cover and make the number with a yarn needle & yarn, or do you just change the color for the stitches based on the lion brand pattern for numbers as you are knitting the body? The second way I described makes sense to me, but the pattern mentions doing the initialing in the finishing (that’s a bit of an oxymoron, no ;)). Am I making any sense, lol?


    • Hi Caitlin,

      Yes, I went back and used the duplicate stitch method to make the numbers. You could make the numbers using intarsia, but because the numbers were so small, it was easier for me to create them at the end. Either way would work though, depending on what you’re most comfortable with.

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