Stripped Socks

A part of Operation: Use Up Stash





Ah, socks.  Wonderful, stash-busting socks.  Sort of.  I still have quite a bit of the gray and pink yarn left!  I’m beginning to think this little stash-busting adventure will last a very, very…very long time.  But, I got socks out of the deal, so I can’t complain.

The only other socks I’ve ever made were part of a kit with a top-down pattern (meaning you begin at the top of the sock and knit down to the toe).  Well, this is all just fine and well assuming you’ve weighed or otherwise measured your yarn and made sure to use no more than half of your yarn on the first sock.  It also helps if the yarn you’re using hasn’t been discontinued…Yes, you’re following me correctly.  The sock kit didn’t come with enough yarn for the pattern, so I was 75% done with the pair when I ran out of yarn for sock #2.  Disappointed.  Discouraged.  Unhappy.  Instead of giving up, I just pick up another yarn (not at all matching in color or fiber) and finished the darn thing.  Other than the ridiculous outcome, I realized I don’t much care for top-down socks.  I didn’t really know when to “turn the heel” or when to shape the toe.  I would try to stock on throughout the process, but wasn’t sure how much negative ease is appropriate.



I decided to make toe-up socks to vindicate myself.  I started with figure-eight cast-on (as seen on Knitty) and used stripes of four rows each.  Finally, I got to the heel and realized that the top-down heel I used for the socks wouldn’t work for this pair…what to do?  Short rows!  I don’t remember now how many short rows I used, but I just kept knitting until it started looking like a heel.  Then I pick back up the stripes and finished the socks with some ribbing.

These socks are knee-length (it’s actually quite difficult to take pictures of socks this long while wearing them – trust me), and really nice to have for winter.  Who doesn’t love a pair of hand-knit socks?

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