A Pillow Sweater

Sweater Pillow

When my husband and I moved across the country nearly two years ago, we liquidated…a lot…including all of our throw pillow.  One of my husband’s favorite weekend activities is to nap on the couch, which is understandably difficult without a pillow.

I made this pillow out of an old sweater.  I actually really loved this sweater in it’s heyday and wore it pretty frequently.  So frequently, in fact, it finally got a bit stretched and misshapen and there was a small stain right on the front.

I decided to make this sweater in to a pillow for my husband’s weekend naps.  First, I deconstructed the sweater.  I measured the largest part of the main body (below the armholes) and marked out rectangles on the front and back of the sweater with pins.  I didn’t want the knit of unravel when I cut the pillow, so I quickly sewed the outline of the rectangle on the sewing machine before cutting.  I sewed up 3 full sides and most of the fourth side with the two right sides facing.  Then, I turned it right side out and stuffed with polyfill.

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