Seamless Raglan a la Elizabeth Zimmerman

A part of Operation: Use Up Stash

Raglan Sweater


I’ve been knitting a lot more than what this blog reflects at the moment.  I bought Knitting without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman back in October (or around that time) and united up this seamless raglan.  This yarn was originally for another cable cardigan, which went horribly wrong.  So, I frogged the cardigan and repurposed the yarn for this project.

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s writing can be a bit on the opinionated side, but at least she admits it.  Her directions are not so much directions as stories about the projects she’s made before.  Once you get through the prose, though, you realize how simple something like this raglan is.

Raglan Back


Basically, take the measurements you want your sweater to be (base this off of another sweater you already have and like the fit of) and then gauge a swatch.  Calculate the number of stitches of your gauge to get the finished measurements you want.  Simple!  Knitty has a pretty good explanation of this process.

I used the ever popular Caron Simply Soft yarn for this, which is nice because you can wash and dry normally and the fabric is very soft.  The only problem was that I still ended up with more than two full skeins left over.  Never fear…you’ll see my solution in a future post.

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