When Sampson met Lila Pullover

Not a part of Operation: Use up Stash

When Sampson met Lila pullover

When Sampson met Lila pullover


I broke my promise to myself – I bought new yarn for a project!  In my defense, I had no choice.  I was away on Christmas vacation, and I didn’t have anything to knit.  AHHH!

I was browsing the internet and decided on the When Sampson met Lila pullover for my next project.  And before I knew it, I found myself at the local boutique yarn store in my husband’s home town.  The original pattern used 100% wool.  But let’s be honest; wool is not the most comfy and it would be far too warm for a short sleeve sweater for spring or fall.  I used Berroco Comfort, which I’ve used before with nice results and is pretty inexpensive as far as yarn goes.

When Sampson met Lila pullover


But, because I was using a DK yarn, I had to completely re-gauge the entire pattern.  I guess there was some mistake around the hem, but this didn’t seem to affect me since I wasn’t following the number of stitches anyway.  The only serious issue I have with the pattern is that the cowl neck line begins FAR to early on the chest.  My sweater ended up fine, but if I were to do it all over again, I’d wait to do the cowl at least until I began the arm hole shaping.  I’d probably also do it in the round, but that’s mainly because I hate seaming (in fact, this took me a few weeks to finally do all the seaming).

If anyone reading would like my notes on my re-gauging process, just ask.

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