Buzios Mod

A part of Operation: Use up Stash

This is a mod of the Buzios pattern (free pattern).  My goal with this project was to use up the variegated yarn that I didn’t care for very much.  I don’t have the original skein information, but if I remember correctly the yarn is a Red Heart Super Saver.  It isn’t very soft, so I thought a loose fitting tunic of some sort would be the most comfortable to wear.

The Buzios pattern met my goal of a loose lace pattern, but I wasn’t crazy about the scoop neck and short sleeves.  Below are my mods:

Follow pattern for body to the bottom of the underarms, ending with second to last round of seed stitch pattern.
Next round, continuing in seed stitch pattern, bind off 8 stitches for underarm; continue across body, bind off 8 stitches for underarm.
Work the rest of the project flat, front and back separately.
Beginning with the front, continue in lace pattern, decrease one stitch at each arm (decrease total of 2 stitches) every other round.
When front reaches desired length, place on stitch holders.
Work back same as front, adding approximately 1.5″-2″ of seed stitch past front.
Join front and back in the round, working in seed stitch for approximately .5″-1″, or until desired length is reach.

Below are pictures showing the pattern detail, decreases, and neck shaping.  Sorry for the poor picture quality – my usual photographer was not available, so I had to take them myself!

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