Getting into this whole ‘sewing’ thing

Before I get into this post, I was wondering if anyone (assuming there are readers of this blog) uses My Sewing Circle?  It seems to be like a Ravelry, but for sewing.  Do you use it and is it useful?  I signed up today and was browsing around, but I couldn’t get a sense of how big the community is and how useful it will be.  For example, I find Ravelry to be especially helpful for looking at other finished projects and making mods accordingly.

Now, on to awesomeness…(sorry, I couldn’t get this photo to upload horizontally, so please tilt your head to the left)

O M G.  What have I done?

After finishing my first sewing project, I started thinking about what I wanted to make next.  To make a long web-browsing story very short, I stumbled upon McCall’s website.  And McCall’s (and Butterwick, and Vogue) were having this crazy four-day sell with most patterns at $1.99 .


I don’t know anything about sewing yet, but I couldn’t resist.  I bought some patterns.  More than some.  I bought a lot.  Well, a lot for someone who has only ever sewn one project.

By the way, the shipping on my order was $12.00, which I thought was steep considering the patterns aren’t heavy – they’re just paper after all.  But I was saving so much on the pattern themselves, I decided it was worth it.  Pray tell, then, why the shipping on my package was only $4.90?

I know it was a really big sale, and I ordered several patterns, but that’s more than twice the “shipping” price I paid.

I suppose you can expect updates based on these patterns in the near future…

6 thoughts on “Getting into this whole ‘sewing’ thing

    • Thanks! Hopefully I can get to the store this weekend and start my next project. It’s going to be a busy weekend!

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