Paint Splatter Jumpsuit

My second sewing project!  My understanding and skill are already about 300% better than when I made the tunic.  This only took me half a day or so, but I forgot to pick up elastic at the store, so have to shelve it until I can get the elastic.

The pattern I used was M6083, one of the fab buys I ordered from McCall’s huge sale.  I made view A, but added the straps from view B.

I picked up (what I think is) an awesome paint splatter fabric.  I thought it would be summer-y, and the cotton blend is soft but not drape-y, and just a little bit stretch-y.

Splatter fabric!

Fabric close up

The pattern only called for 1 yard of fabric, but I didn’t take into account adding the straps from view B (that long strip at the top of the fabric).  Hey, it’s my second project!

Getting all the pieces laid out with room for the straps took a while, but I finally got it.  I was also trying to lay the pattern strategically so that the pattern would look intentional.  For example, I wanted the two front panels of the shorts to have more or less equal splattering.


(The picture makes the layout look obvious, so maybe I just wasn’t being smart about it.)

The seaming for this project seemed (hahaha..ha) easier than the tunic, but maybe I’m just getting more comfortable with the sewing machine.  I am particularly impressed with the pockets – real pockets!


 I hope to get back to the store this weekend to pick up the elastic, and I’ll post the finished pictures!

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