Summer Dress

Introducing my official third sewing project!  I started sewing this one when I was waiting to put the elastic in the jumpsuit.

This was pattern M5659, and I made view A.  I thought this pattern was classified as “easy” but about half way through I checked the envelope again and couldn’t find a rating…I don’t think it was “easy.”  That being said, this wasn’t so difficult in hindsight.  The yoke and bottom contrast were new techniques for me, and I had to stare at the pattern for a bit before figuring out how to construct them.  I also made the bottom contrast about half as wide and the original pattern – it just felt too bulky.

The pleats were also a new technique for me, but turns out they’re super easy.


More photos below 🙂



And here’s one without the belt.  I think the look is okay, but it feels a little baggy, hence the belt.


7 thoughts on “Summer Dress

    • Thanks! If I thought I could actually make a profit, I would, but frankly I don’t think I could even break even 🙂 I actually saw some maternity patterns online at McCall’s – I’ll make you something if you want to pick it out!

    • Thank you! When I picked out the main fabric I couldn’t figure out what contrast color to get. At first I thought orange but all the orange fabric at the store was bright road-construction-orange…not really what I had in mind. Then I saw this green fabric on a sales table wrapped on a non-descript bold saying “seasonal.” I fell in love immediately! I still don’t know exactly what kind of fabric it is, but so far it washes, dries, an irons just fine.

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