The Polka Dots of Which Nightmares are Made

Photo on 8-3-12 at 9.39 AM #2

So, here is by far the most difficult sewing project I’ve attempted to date.  I really thought the red shorts were going to give me a lot of grief, but not so much, so I had hope for a button-down.

Wrong.  So wrong.

Photo on 8-3-12 at 9.41 AM

I have a hard time looking at fabric on the bolt and knowing what it’s going to look like cut up and sewn together.  The guy at the fabric store was incredibly nice, but totally talked me into the most difficult-to-manage rayon chiffon-like fabric. I think he really thought I had more sewing skill than I do, and I didn’t realize what I got myself into until I got home. Needless to say, this fabric sat for a while until I finally got the nerve to cut it up.

I know I’ve only been sewing for a few months, but there is no reason why this pattern (V8772) should be labeled “EASY.”  None.  Whatsoever.  I made so many mistakes, it’s difficult to name anything that went right the first time.  The darts, surprisingly, were not so bad, despite my fabric marker continually rubbing off this stupid fabric.  But then I sewed the shoulder seams on the wrong side (or should I say right side?), accidentally caught fabric when sewing the in-set sleeves, had to sew buttonholes and buttons WITHOUT a buttonhole foot or button foot for my sewing machine…I can’t even tell you how many seams I ripped out, which is that much more difficult with this delicate fabric.

When I finally finished the shirt…well, it was anticlimactic.  All I can see when I look at it are all of the little mistakes and things that aren’t quite right (even though I ripped it out and did it again).  I hand-washed the finished shirt (stupid fabric) and hung it to try with low spirits.

That brings us to today.  I wore the shirt today (and it’ll be a slow day at work, so not too many people will see me in it if I decide it’s a hot mess).  I took these photographs, and I have to say I’m beginning to like the shirt more and more.  Maybe my brain is just making me see it differently because it knows how much work it was, and frankly, how expensive this fabric was.


What REALLY made my day was getting an email from Forever 21 (yeah…I know) with a link to this shirt (also to the right, in case Forever 21 takes down the link)!  Unfortunately, I think I paid more for the fabric than the cost of this shirt.  Let’s not think about that.

Granted, it’s not exactly the same, but not too different either…just let me have this moment, okay?


2 thoughts on “The Polka Dots of Which Nightmares are Made

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