Testing Coconut Oil as a Face Moisturizer

This is an installment of Test Lab.  Learn more about Test Lab here.

Coconut oil, huh?  Word on the web is coconut oil is basically the beauty/skin miracle.  I’ve seen pins and posts of late about using it as a moisturizer, shave lotion, contour highlighter, makeup remover, split end treatment, you name it.

From experience, it’s also a pretty great cooking oil, and works great in curries.

The Question: Is coconut oil a good face moisturizer?

About: Coconut oil is natural, so it’s appealing for those who want to try to limit the chemicals they put on their skin.  It’s also (supposedly) antibacterial, antifungal, contains antioxidants, promotes skin healing, supports the immune system, and so on.  I can’t independently verify these claims, but we all know you can’t put anything on the internet that’s not true, so… But, there is a Wikipedia page on coconut oil explaining the refining process, mentioning a few personal uses.

The Test: Coconut oil, it seems, has a lot of uses, but I was most interested in testing it as a face moisturizer.  I took a small dab of coconut oil (it’s solid at room temperature but quickly melts at body temperature), rubbed it in my hands, and applied to my face.  This is definitely an instance where a tiny bit goes a long way.  I have only been applying at night.

Conclusions: Um, I love it.  I was really skeptical – oil on my face???  But it’s great, really, it is.  I have pretty normal skin with the occasional blemish.  The coconut oil truly moisturizes without clogging pores and makes my skin feel amazing.  This could be in my head, but I think my “problem area” has even smoothed out.  I haven’t used it in the mornings because I feel like it would be too much under makeup, but once a day seems to be plenty for me.  I’m not sure how coconut oil will work for people with different skin types, but let me know if you try it out.


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