Testing Magic Eraser to Remove Tarnish

I’ve been a big fan of Magic Eraser for a few years.  These things really are magic.  I don’t understand how they work.  It’s just a white sponge without foaming chemicals, and somehow it removes scuffs, marks, stains, etc. from walls, clothes, ovens, etc.  Magic!

I was randomly clicking through half the internet the other day  and somehow landed on a page listing 100 uses for Magic Erasers.  Of course, I have no idea how I got to that page, and I can’t find it again.  Anyway, most of the uses were not that unique or revolutionary, but one stood out: use Magic Eraser to remove tarnish from silverware.  Wha???

I inherited silverware from my grandmother-in-law, which is truly lovely.  But, some of the pieces were pretty tarnished, and try as I might, I couldn’t remove it.  So I thought I had nothing to loose if I tried the Magic Eraser.

The Question: Will Magic Eraser remove tarnish?

The Test: Wet the Magic Eraser and wipe/scrub silverware.

Conclusions:  I’m totally impressed.  I really didn’t think this would work considering all the chemicals I’d already tried.  The Magic Eraser is even more magical to me now.  It takes a little bit of time and continued scrubbing to get the tarnish off, and your Magic Eraser is basically going to be ruined and smell like metal (and not in a good way), but it totally works.  I kind of understand how it works on walls and other similar surfaces, but I have no idea how it works on silverware! Here’s a before picture:

Pretty tarnished, huh?

And here’s the after:


There’s still just a bit of tarnish left, but I’ll use the Magic Eraser a few more times and I’m pretty sure I’ll get it completely removed.


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