Stripe Dress

Ah, I’m really behind on blogging.  This is my most recent project, but there 1.5 projects before this one that I have not posted yet.

Anyway, this is my stripe dress! (Slideshow with more photos below.)

This is pattern M6554, and it’s pretty simple though this project kinda became a pain for other reasons.  I really wanted something with stripes, so was really happy to find this fabric.  The pattern is a little difficult to cut out because you don’t fold the fabric and cut 2 at a time but cut each panel and piece separately.  I’m not sure that makes sense.  Anyway, I got myself in trouble when I cut one of the back panels incorrectly, making the vertical stripes diagonal.  I probably would have just used it as it was if it wasn’t so obvious, but this is what I get for trying a patterned fabric.

I ordered another yard of fabric.  Of course it took like 5 days to get here, and when I opened the package, it was the wrong fabric!  I was really disappointed but my order was fixed with little hassle.

So jumping ahead to the delivery of the right fabric, I was ready to finish this thing.  The dress sews up pretty quickly, but I had to sew in the zipper literally 4 times.  I really need to get a zipper foot…this is getting ridiculous.

I was feverishly finishing this on Thursday to wear to an event on Friday, and ended up taking a few shortcuts and machine sewing the hem (if I understand the directions correctly, I was supposed to hand stitch a blind hem).  The hem, by the way, was a pain because the dress is so full it’s nearly a circle skirt.

The moment of truth!  I tried on the dress, and it was a little baggy around the ribs.  *sigh*  I didn’t have time to worry about it, so put on a belt and worked it.  The bodice is lined, so I don’t think I’ll ever go through the trouble of removing it and taking in the sides.  I’m just surprised how big it was considering the zipper placement was considerably further in on the hem line on the back since I had to take it out three times and ended up with little holes near the edges.  I think I need to start making everything one size smaller.  I know, I know, I could make muslins, but I don’t have the patience.

2 thoughts on “Stripe Dress

  1. So pretty! Love it! I’m way too lazy to make muslins, unless it’s for something super fitted. I also never go by the size it tells you to make because it’s almost always too baggy. I usually flat measure the pattern at the places I’m worried about it fitting (aka, hips waist and bust), account for a few inches of ease and then use whatever the closest size is. It always works pretty well for me!

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