Testing the Hair Band Roll Style

I first saw this hair style on Grosgrain for a segment called “Dirty Hair Month.”  (PS, I love this blog).  I’ve also seen tutorials of this style on YouTube, and I’m sure there are plenty of versions on Pinterest.  I thought the look was cute, but is it really as easy as everyone is making it out to be?

The Question: Is this actually possible, let alone easy?

The Test: My hair is three days old in these pictures, so I first used a dry shampoo spray. (Obviously, skip this step if it doesn’t apply to you.)  I took a patterned headband and folded it in half because it was too wide.  I put it over my head (a la bohemian headband), and began looping hair up and over the headband.  Once I got to the back, I just kept looping the hair over and over until it was properly tucked.  I used a few hair pins to secure loose ends.

Conclusions:  Wow, it really is super easy.  It took me more than the 5 minutes it takes Grosgrain, but not much – maybe 10 minutes?  My hair is kind of ridiculously long right now (I can’t find a salon I like ), so it was a little bit of a logistical issue at the back with so much hair.  But if you just keep looping, you’ll eventually get all the hair up.  The hair style feels pretty loose, and I normally prefer more secure-feeling do’s, but we’re nearing the end of the day and everything is still in place.


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