A New Muslin




***I need your advice again!  Please let me know which muslin I should use as my base for the actual jacket!***

Thanks to those who commented on my last post about the muslin that didn’t really turn out that great.  I drafted a new muslin of Eva from burdastyle.


I few warnings before I delve deeper: this muslin is really rough.  Obviously, I only put in one sleeve (which by the way, that sleeve is supposed to be the left sleeve – I wasn’t paying attention).  I also sewed the dart on the right side instead of the inside, but hey, this is why we make muslins, right?  I also practiced french seams for the first time, which is a brain bender at times.  I just had a hard time sewing the wrong sides facing.

Anyway, I downloaded Eva, printed it out my printer, and pieced it together with tape.  Phew!  Only then did I realize that the smallest size in the patter was a 38, and my measurements put me right in the middle of a 32-34.  So…before cutting, I kind of just estimated new pattern lines based on the given pattern and used my measuring tape to try to get the right finished measurements.

Amazingly, it didn’t turn out too bad.  I cut all my pieces and was getting ready to assemble when i realized I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!  Has anyone else made this jacket?  If so, can you translate the instructions for me?

I finally gave up on the instructions and put everything together in a way that seemed logical.  I pretty much guessed how to attach the front facing (piece 8) and I still have no idea where the back facing (piece 9) goes.  I guess it’s not that important.  I didn’t add the pockets/flaps partly because this is just a muslin, but also because I couldn’t decipher the steps.  I also think the front darts are a little funky, so if I make this for real, I may just make up the jacket and then fit it to my dress form to get better shaped darts.

The fit of Eva is sooooo much better than my previous muslin.  I haven’t redrafted the last pattern yet, but I’m leaning toward making Eva since I’ve already altered the pattern and the muslin turned out okay.  If only I could understand the directions, or at least figure out where piece 9 goes…

So what do you think?  Should I make Eva (top) or B5568 (bottom)?




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