Sorry it’s been so long, but here’s a shirt I made


Apologies to the (probably only three) people who read my blog!  I know it’s been a long time since I last posted, but life gets in the way of crafting, knitting, sewing, etc.  My creativity has not actually been suppressed by stress or work or what not.  I’ve finished a few projects over my silent period but never got around to posting.  In any case, here’s a shirt I made!

My awesome mother-in-law  “traded” sewing machines with me, so now I have a sewing machine with a button-hole foot (along with several other features)!!  OMG.  I cannot believe I was doing button holes by hand.  My next project requires an invisible zipper, so I will test out the zipper foot next (also a foot I didn’t have with my previous machine).

Back to the project at hand.  The pattern is V8772, and you might remember this from a previous project and post.  I wasn’t particularly happy with the results of the polka dot shirt, so I decided to try again.  I cut out a size 6, because the size 8 in the polka dot shirt was pretty roomy.  I spent a long, long time carefully laying and cutting out the pattern to make sure the plaids matched.  Now that I kind of know what I’m doing, matching the pattern of a fabric is getting to be a pet peeve.

Something I’m pretty proud of: I used french seams, even on the armscye (photo in slide show)!  I probably didn’t use proper technique or whatever, but I’m really happy with the results.  The armscye is absolutely my biggest sewing challenge, so the fact that I even attempted french seaming, I think, deserves some note.

I’m almost done with my next project, though I ran into some snags that might take some time and ingenuity to address.  I hope it won’t take me another 4 months to post again!

One thought on “Sorry it’s been so long, but here’s a shirt I made

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