Spring was here for one day, so I wore this dress I made


Yesterday was 70 degrees!  Today it’s 40 degrees.  Ugh.  But at least I was able to wear this dress yesterday to the theater.

I’ve been working on this dress since right after I finished the plaid button down.  The pattern is M6557, and is really pretty simple with only a few pieces and really not that much sewing.  The top is lined, and the back is cut-out (my favorite part of this dress).  Because the button down was such a challenge, I thought this would be a quick and easy project to building the confidence back up.


But here’s the thing.  The bust darts were more than a little outrageous.  I’ve had this problem on the last few McCall’s patterns I’ve used.  Is it just me, or does McCall’s think my breasts are at my shoulders?  And not only are the bust darts REALLY high, but they’re extreme in width, too.  Unfortunately, this left me with the pointiest darn bust darts, a la Anne Hathaway.

I shortened and reworked the darts, and sewed and re-sewed, and pressed the crap out of the bust, and I was still left with pointy bust darts.  Luckily, my professional-designer-aunt-in-law visited and told me to just take out a seam of the lining and extend the dart with the slightest curve at the end.  So I did.

The bust darts are still a little wonky, but it’s wearable now.  Anyone else have issues with the newer McCall’s patterns bust darts lately?

2 thoughts on “Spring was here for one day, so I wore this dress I made

  1. Hi! I found your blog searching for the M6557 pattern (to see “real” results). Anyways, this dress is so so cute! I love that you made the “button back” version. I also love your fabric and color selection – so cute! Question: what kind of fabric is it? What fabrics would you recommend? Thanks!

    • Thank you! I used a broadcloth fabric I ordered from Fabric.com. I just checked and it’s no longer available on the website. 😦 I would recommend a cotton fabric that’s easy to work with. Something with a bit of elasticity would also be good – the fabric I used doesn’t have any stretch at all, and I think it would be a little more comfortable with just a little wiggle room. Also, because there’s no back supporting the waistband it can tend to sag. If I were to make this again I would make the waist band slightly more fitted/snug. Good luck!

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