Polka Dot Skirt


Wow, I’m already posting another project!  I was so impressed with the last skirt I made that I had to make another.  I used the same pattern (M5591), and the husband picked out the fabric, again.  Now, close readers of my blog may remember the last time I used polka dots…it wasn’t a good experience.  In fact, it kind of turned me away from polka dots.  I know…I know…  This polka dot project ended better, but the fabric is a slippery-ish polyester that proved a little hard to work with.  I was complaining to the husband about the fabric he selected slipping all over the place and his response was, “good…experience…”  Like I’m building character or something.

Anyway, I made some relatively significant modifications to make this skirt something other than a carbon copy of the floral skirt:

  • I moved the zipper from the back seam to the side seam.  This meant that I cut both the front and back skirt panels on the fold of the fabric (taking into account the extra 5/8″ seam allowance on the back skirt panel that wasn’t necessary).


  • I also cut both the front and back waist band sections on the fold, again removing 5/8″ from the back band section since I wouldn’t be needing it.


  • In place of the pleats, I gathered the front and back sections using ease stitching (a good tutorial here).  I kept the fabric near the side seams and pockets flat so that it would be easy to sew and so that the pockets would lay smooth.


  • I actually inserted the zipper per directions this time, which, lo and behold, was easier than winging like I did last time.  The zipper is still a little messed up, but I only had to sew it in once.


  • I edged stitched along the pocket and waistband in contrast (white) thread

And viola, a new skirt.



4 thoughts on “Polka Dot Skirt

  1. That’s a really lovely skirt that you’ve made, and it looks really good on you. I love the colour navy with the polka dots, but then I’m a polka dot fan. I’m going to be trying to make a skirt too soon (total novice when it comes to making clothes) so wish me luck. And if you fancy popping over to my blog to say hi here’s the link…http://myhealingandcreativejourney.wordpress.com/ Take care, Ruth 🙂

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