Sorbetto Redux

Front 2

(Apologies in advance for the poor quality photos.  I was my own photog today.)

Presenting a more-or-less fixed Sorbetto.  First, many thanks to Terri and MaryKS for their comments on my last post.

Bias Tape Detail

Bias Tape Detail

To summarize my fix:

  • After removing the bias tape, I stay stitched the neck.  This was easier to do this time around for two reasons.  First, I had already attached the front and back at the shoulders so there was no “end” to the fabric, which I think helped prevent my machine from “eating” it.  Secondly, I used a regular zipper foot of all things to do the stay stitch, which helped keep the fabric flat and prevented my machine from “eating” it (again, I think).
  • Next, I sewed on the bias tape, pulling it pretty taut in the process.  I think this was my biggest mistake from the previous attempt.  I definitely  had too much bias tape; I ended up cutting 1/2″-3/4″ off the end.  I actually re-sewed the bias tape twice as I attached the wrong side the first time…it’s like I was trying to mangle my fabric.
  • Once I had the neck done, the arms were not so bad.  I used the same method and pulled the bias tape to prevent gapping.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than before. I think the next time I need to use bias tape, I’m just going to buy some.  I’m not convinced it was worth all the trouble to make my own.

Cross Front

Front View


Back View


2 thoughts on “Sorbetto Redux

  1. Looks great! Love the fabric! I think the Sorbetto is deceptively easy looking but the neckline is actually kind of hard to get to lay flat. Also, making bias tape is a beast… I never feel like mine looks good so I’m very impressed with yours! I haven’t sewn anything in 2 months because my sewing room is under construction but reading your blog is definitely giving me the itch! Hope you’re doing well!

    • Thanks, Forrest! Yeah, definitely not planning on making my own bias tape again. The neckline on Sorbetto is definitely harder than it seems. Congrats again on the wedding and the move. Hope your sewing room is up and running again! I love reading your blog posts!

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