Chiffon Dress




Like my last post, this is also a very tardy post.  I bought this fabric probably this past summer sometime for V1240.  I was nervous about working with chiffon after my adventures with the polka dot shirt, but I wanted a challenge.  I read several articles and blogs about soaking the fabric in gelatin or spraying it with starch to stabilize the fabric to make it easier to work with.  For months, I thought about this project and how to best manipulate the fabric, knowing I should make a muslin, etc.  Finally, I realized I was never going to do those things, so I just took a shot at it.


Dress form(s)

First, a quick shout out to my mother in law who got my this incredible dress form for Christmas!  I guess I’ll have to retire my duct tape form.


Neck band

The reviews on consistently referenced the arm holes being REALLY low, and they weren’t kidding.  When I got to the point of attaching the neck band, the arm holds were halfway down my ribs and the front panel was so angled that it caused major side-boob.  My fix was to just take about 2 inches off the front and back panels at the neck and then reattach the  band.  However, now the neck band attached very differently to the two panels and none of the symbols matched up anymore.  I finally got it to work through trial and error, but I think it took me three tries to attach the band, which started to destroy the fabric.



I  have to say how proud I am of this hidden zipper.  It only took my one try, it lined up perfectly, and I still don’t have an invisible zipper foot!  I was incredibly surprised it worked the first time.

The only other change to the pattern I made was to use French seams.  It seemed prudent considering the chiffon frayed by just looking at it.



This is by far my favorite project.  I wore the dress for a Thanksgiving party, and then a Christmas party (I told you this was a tardy post).


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