I’m baaaack, with baby knits

Hello blog! Wow, it’s been awhile. Since my last post, I had a baby and moved across the country. Interestingly, I had no desire to knit/sew/craft while I was pregnant. I guess I’m catching up on that now and present to you two baby sweaters.

The first is a cardigan based on this pattern. I basically followed the pattern exactly, and the only modification I made was to add a line of knitting down the fronts of the cardigan when I was done with the collar to help mitigate any rolling. I normally don’t like top-down knits because my decreases are much neater than my increases, but this one knitted up really nicely. View this project on Ravelry.

The second is a sweater based on this pattern, though it’s obviously very heavily modified. I incorporated the thermal pattern from Thermal by Laura Chau. I reversed the row pattern as such: K one round, P one round, K2 P2 two rounds. This way I don’t have those obvious color change purl bumps. This was knit entirely out of stash yarn, and I ran out of the brown yarn on the collar so simply met the collar in the middle instead of overlapping the front. I also added German short rows to the collar, which I think helps it lay nicely. The last thing I changed was I only picked up 38 stitches around the arms instead of the 46 stitches specified in the pattern. I’m not sure how you could possibly pick up 46 stitches – there’s simply no room or my gauge ended up really different from the original pattern. In any case, I decreased every 8 rows and ended up with 32 stitches for the arms as the pattern specifies.  View this project on Ravelry.

I’ll try to craft and post more regularly but I have a baby, so no promises!


$5 in Paris

A part of Operation: Use up Stash

(I’m beginning to feel like I’m NEVER going to get to the bottom of my stash basket.)

Does it seem like a lot of the things I’ve knitted lately have been gray.  Turns out, there’s a good reason.  I have/had a ridiculous amount of gray yarn in my stash.  You may remember the Stripped Socks and the Seamless Raglan, both of which were attempts at using up the gray yarn.  Well, the gray yarn remains…

$5 in Paris is a very popular sweater on Ravelry specifically for using up Caron Simply Soft yarn.  So, off I went.  I started on Monday and finished on Friday!  The pink stripes are from the left over yarn from the Stripped Socks, too, but I didn’t have a lot left so used only think stripes of pink.

The original pattern didn’t have any waist shaping, but I added some decreases after the bust and increases for the hips.  I was a little worried this would be a bit small but it turned out perfect.  I cast on with #7 needles for the ribbing and then was going to use #9 for the body.  Of course I stop paying attention to my knitting while watching tv, so never ended up switches for the #9’s.  I didn’t realize this until I was nearly to the under arm, so decided to roll the hard six.  My bet paid out.

Can you believe I still have a little more than one skein of the gray yarn left?!?!  It never ends.

This may actually be my favorite piece I’ve knit for myself yet.

View this project on Ravelry.

Operation: Use Up Stash

I’ve issued myself a new challenge: use up stash yarn before I’m allowed to buy more yarn.  I’m one of those people who will buy a ridiculous amount of yarn for a project (in the same dye lot, of course) because I’m terrified of running out of yarn.  I typically end up with AT LEAST one whole skein left over.  The next few (or maybe several) posts will feature projects that are part of Operation: Use Up Stash.

Tie Cardigan

Tie Cardican

Seed stitch collar

Seed stitch collar

I found this pattern for a dolman-shaped sleeves cardigan in the Fall 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting.  It’s a very simple pattern, mostly in stockinette stitch with seed stitch around the hems and collar.  The tie belt is again very simple – K1, P1 rib.

I didn’t realize Vogue Knitting has videos of the patterns from the current and back issues, which would have been helpful to view before I started knitting.  I don’t love the way the “sleeves” fall, and I would have altered the pattern if I had seen the video first.

But, it was a quick and easy pattern and I was finished with it in no time.  Nothing like instant knit gratification.

View this project on Ravelry.