Jersey Maxi Dress


With the arrival of Spring, I’m feeling much more inspired to sew, though it did snow about 2 inches this morning.

This is pattern M6700 and I used a jersey fabric.  I ordered the fabric from, and didn’t realize how large the pattern repeat was, and once I got the pattern on the fabric, I decided to “color block” the dress.

Jersey Dress - Back

However, I didn’t have quite enough fabric to do this, so it required me to halve the back skirt section into two panels and sew the back together.  Not a huge deal, but lining up the stripes proved more difficult than I anticipated.  I’m actually really proud of my stripe-matching-skills (above).  It did give me good practice for matching the side seams.

I cut and sewed the ties at the shoulder, but when it came to putting them on the dress, they just didn’t make a lot of sense to me so I left them off.  The shoulders don’t slip, so it’s not a necessary design element.

The only modification I made was to bring the waist band up to create a higher empire waist as the pattern waist falls about near the natural waist.  I also cut a larger pattern size to allow for outward expansion…

Jersey Dress - Side

(please excuse the cat photobomb)

That reminds me – I’m 4 months pregnant!  For the near future, I’ll be trying to sew maternity-appropriate clothing.  Mostly I’m just altering my current patterns and sewing A-line, empire patterns, but eventually that won’t be enough.  So if you have maternity pattern suggestions, please let me know.


Anniversary Dress

This wasn’t by design, but it just so happens that I finished this dress just in time for my anniversary tomorrow, hence “anniversary dress.”

IMG_0275I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, but I have a bone to pick with the pattern (V1224, by the way).  The difficulty level is listed as “very easy,” which I am here to say, it is not.  Sure, the pattern isn’t too bad, there’s no darts.  But, no piece of clothing made with jersey should  ever be called “easy.”  Jersey is just about the most infuriating fabric to work with.  That being said, I do really like the way it lays and it’s light and airy feeling.  (View of back to the right.)

The skirt is lined with (surprise, surprise) more jersey mesh lining, which made me want to give up when joining the skirt, lining, top, and elastic waist casing all at once.  I’ve never basted so many separate layers in my life…to be fair, though, this is only my fifth sewing project.

In any case, I’m excited to wear this dress tomorrow for our awesome anniversary dinner (reservations at a really posh downtown restaurant…yay!).

My biggest looming question:  With belt?  Or without belt?